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Week Beginning 21st September

Week Beginning 21st September


This week we enjoyed eating lunch with our friends.




Each day we have talked about our feelings. We named different feelings. We explored our emotion stones and started to use our named lolly sticks to show how we are feeling.

School Project

This week we started our ‘Here We Are’ theme.


We looked at the front cover of the book and discussed what we could see. We looked on Google Earth to find Leamington Spa and then found our school. We worked as a group to make a collage of the world. We also discussed the different places that we use in school. Mrs Bush and Mrs Kalsi took lots of photos of the children in different areas and these have been added to the class display.


Later in the week we looked at the pages in the book that show our solar system. Some of the children were able to share their existing knowledge of space with the class. The space toys proved very popular!