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Week beginning 19th April

Welcome back!


The children seem very happy to be back in school after the Easter holiday.


During one of our collective worships this week we used the resources provided by the Church of England to reflect on the life of Prince Philip. The children were keen to share their existing knowledge of Prince Philip with me. After our collective worship some of the children decided to draw and write about Prince Philip. We used some of the work to make a display in our creative area.



In maths we are exploring numbers to 20. We talk about the fact that 14 is ten and four more, twelve is ten and two more. We played matching pairs games, matching pictorial representations to numerals and we found different ways to represent the numbers.

We also challenged ourselves with a tricky sorting activity.

St George's Day


We enjoyed celebrating St George's Day we watched the the preparing for St George's Day and celebrating St George's day videos on the CBeebies website. We made our own shields, roses and we wrote about the story of St George and the dragon. We watched a collective worship about St George that was made by the house captain.

 Traditional Tales


We found various items in a bag. Each item reminded us of a traditional tale. We worked a groups to draw and label different characters from these tales. Some of us wrote lists of the different items we found in the bag. We are starting to make a class display of our work.