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Week Beginning 19th April

 Our new classroom layout


When the children arrived there were some changes to the classroom. The children were fantastic at finding where everything was and they commented about how lovely it looked.

We talked about what we had been doing for the two weeks when there was no school and wrote or drew pictures. Lots of families had been to the park in the sunshine.



We used the books on the display in the middle of the classroom to find out about spring. Using the books the children also made flowers from the transient art materials. 



In maths, Reception have been finding about numbers from 11 to 20 and how we can represent them. Some of the children used numicon to make a number line. We also learned to play a subtraction game by rolling the dice and taking the correct number of items off the tens frame.

Some of the children in Nursery and Reception made their own games to see who could score the most points by recognising different shapes.

Class Shop


We have a shop in our class and the children have decided that it needs an open and closed sign. One of the children made the signs to hang up in the shop. They have also started to write shopping lists.


In one of our Thrive sessions this week we shared the book, Ravi's Roar which got us talking about our feelings and what we could do if we were feeling angry. We then practised some breathing exercises.

St. George's Day


On Friday we celebrated St. George's Day with collective worship and making shields and roses. In reception, the children also wrote about Saint George.

Traditional Tales


This half term we are thinking about stories. We found a basket or objects and thought about which stories they might be from. The children then made a list of all the stories they thought of and as a group drew lots of characters from the stories.