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Week beginning 16.11.20


Wow...what a great week of learning! Lots of discussion about the four countries that make up the United Kingdom and their capital cities.

And even more discussion about man made and natural features found in the UK. Loch Ness and The Giant's Causeway proved really popular.

I've included some of the resources we looked at to give you an idea of the features and places we discussed. This has also been an excellent opportunity to use capital letters for place names.

Here's the story "The Queen's Handbag" by Steve Antony, I mentioned in last week's post.


"Finding the difference" between numbers using subtraction proved a difficult concept for me to explain. Using cubes really helped everyone's understanding. We also subtracted using number lines and then used our addition, subtraction and comparing skills to decide whether number statements were true or false. It was a pretty quiet class for this last activity as everyone had to concentrate on this tricky task.


This week we planned our new adventure for Emma Jane. We each decided on a new destination for her as well as an animal she would take her on her plane. As a class we worked together to decide the structure of our sentences. My focus was letter formation and handwriting. I'm super proud of the everyone's efforts in presentation, but a special mention to the group I worked with over the three writing lessons. You know who you are! Note, photos are after two days writing only.