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Week beginning 14.06.21

Day of the African Child

On Wednesday 16th June, we marked and celebrated the Day of the African Child linking in with schools around Warwick and Leamington and events organised by OWL, One World Link charity which we are members of.

The children enjoyed African dancing and we have prepared work for the "Send my Friend to School" campaign to be sent to Matt Western MP.

We looked at what every child should have in a school in every country.

The children watched and listened to a presentation from Mrs Newbold's time in Sierra Leone and realised how fortunate we are and how we should always consider others in different situations.

What a difference a week makes!

English: William Shakespeare Information Text

We story mapped each section of our text to help with our sentence structure and our knowledge. It proved a very successful method for all of the children. We will be writing up our final copy next week and adding any extra information they know or have remembered.

Art: Printing

We have started our unit on printing. We investigated how to make the best hand prints, applying different amounts of paint onto our hands. We concluded that we made the most detailed prints when we applied the least paint and made sure it was applied into all our creases. We have prepared our second stamp ready to use next week. 

Children just love glue!

Maths - Multiplication

Science: Plants.

On Friday, we planted beans...but not in soil. We have "planted" beans in plastic bags with just water, air and sunlight. We want to see if they will grow, and if they do, we want to see what grows first, the roots or the stem. Will the first growth be downward or upwards? An interesting investigation awaits.