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Week beginning 10th May

Little Red Riding Hood


We continued to think about the story of Red Riding Hood. At the start of the week we finished writing our Little Red Riding Hood stories. Mrs Bush thought they were amazing! On Tuesday we made certificates for the woodcutter as he was the hero of the story.

On Wednesday we received a letter and a gift from Little Red Riding Hood!

We decided to plant the sunflower seeds.

Some of us drew and labelled a diagram to show the seed in the pot. We thought about how long it might take for the seed to start growing and about the things our seed would need to be able to grow.



This week we have looked at various addition problems using the format first, then, now. 


First there were 6 characters in the boat, then one more came along, how many are there now?

First we had 3 dinosaurs, now we have 6 dinosaurs, we need to work out how many dinosaurs came along?