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Week beg 8.3.21

Welcome back everyone in 1A.

It has been a busy but fabulous week. So good, I forgot to take any photos to share. I knew I'd forget something from our old routines this week. 

The children have had a week focusing on outside play, art and PE.

It has also been National Science Week. This year the focus was "Innovating for the Future". The whole school have been asked to design a new machine to help our families and the world. We took our focus from the book " Clean Up" by Nathan Bryon  about plastic rubbish in the oceans and we extended this to look at the problem of Space Junk circling the Earth. The children were truly inspired and enthusiastic in designing machines with nets, magnets and gadgets to solve these problems. I'll take photos for next week's update.

Finally, we spent a fabulous Friday taking part in a range of investigations ending with making Gyro-copters.

In class talk times, we thought about inventions that we could not do without. Mrs Reynolds thought the flushing toilet was up there as one of the best! Two lovely books we shared were biographies of David Attenborough from "Little People Big Dream" range of books and "Ada Lovelace the Poet of Science", the first computer programmer.


We have started a new PE unit for the whole school, outdoor and adventurous. On Friday, the children had to work as a team to get across a swamp with only three hoops to help. It was noisy (great.... they were communicating) and it was interesting to see who took the lead, who listened, who encouraged their team and who ignored the team's advice. All good learning to discuss at the end of the lesson. Bring on next Friday's challenges.