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Week beg 7.6.2021


Making structures

I hope you appreciated the car park models the children brought home on Friday. This was the final product in a 6 week period of learning. We looked at how structures in school remained stable, examined materials, designed our car park and practised how we could join materials together before, this week, making the final product. Our thought was always, how could we join features to make it stable?

Thank you for all the materials you sent it. We all loved this unit, but we are most definitely looking forward to having our classrooms free of cardboard very soon!


Place Value to 100

Lots of practical work, paired work, worksheet challenges and writing in maths book.

So much enthusiasm for learning, I couldn't decide what to leave out. So it's a bumper maths screen roll today.


The children are enjoying learning about the life of William Shakespeare, prior to us reading a book based on one of his plays in a few weeks' time. We are looking forward to their information text writing next week.

The story of William Shakespeare

Shakespeare - how did this guy stamp his mark on the whole world? How did it all begin? What kind of times did he live in? Take a quick look at our colourf...


We began our topic on plants by using our magnifying glasses and carefully observing what fruit look like inside. We saw different size seeds and a variety of coloured flesh. First, we draw and described what we could see. Secondly, we painted fruit in the style of Andy Warhol. Art and science in one lesson - fantastic ! Thank you Miss O'Reilly for planning 2 great lessons.