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Week beg 5.7.2021


Lots of work learning to tell the time to the hour. I'm super pleased with the children's interest in telling the time and how watches and clock watching suddenly is all the rage. We've discussed what we may be doing at certain times of the day. According to the children, none of them seem to go to bed before midnight and that is even on non football nights. We'll be working on learning half past the hour next week.


Even more printing. This time we have made impressed stamps out of clay based on leaves we picked from outside the classroom. We discussed why it was important to ensure the stamp was level and why also it was important to make strong, definite impressions. We're not sure how successful the actual printing will be so there will be lots of experimenting on the best technique to use next week. We will learn from our trials. I'm concerned the paint will soak into the stamp before we actually print; will we have to put more paint on the stamp? We can only try and learn.


With Mrs Bean on Monday, the children examined what might be eating different leaves. Slugs and caterpillars were popular suggestions. Using our observation skills, drawing were made of the eaten leaves. Our "beans in the bag" have now sprouted stems which are green. I still find it fascinating that the roots always grow down and the stems upwards, even if the bean is upside down. On Friday, James noticed his stem was now out of the bag. After one more bean diary entry on Monday, they can go home. We think they need soil now but it has been great to see the roots and stems grow in the first instance. Finally, we mixed art and science and made pollen shapes out of clay. We'll paint next week.


The children have been writing a diary entry as either Monty or Amber. In their diary they will decide what to do about the ultimatum given to them by their families (think Romeo and Juliet/ West Side Story when the families find out about their love). Again the children's interest  in diary writing seems by replicating at home and in free time at school. Diary writing is a super activity for  the summer holidays to keep their hand in writing. I've still got my childhood diaries although they don't contain anything as interesting as Amber or Monty's will be; just lots of noting of football, Olympics and tennis results as well as what was number 1 in the charts!