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Week beg 3.5.21

Design and Technology (DT)

This half term, we are exploring the different shapes we can use to make structures. Today we designed a structure using triangles then in pairs, used art straws to make it. 1A are great at working cooperatively in pairs.


In maths, the children have been working super hard under the guidance of Miss O' Reilly. We have been exploring repeated addition and the difference between equal and unequal groups. The children have enjoyed and learnt through practical activities as well as been set some reasoning and problem solving questions that meant they had to stop....and think. 


So my plans for writing a diary as if we were Rapunzel didn't happen. We were discussing diaries and what they were used for. The children read my diary for the bank holiday weekend and that was it... they want to write their we did! They were super excited about this and a great way to learn to write in the past tense and in the first person.

I think they'll be ready next week to write as Rapunzel, especially as I've made them little diaries to write in....


Thank you so much Pearl for bringing her diary in to show us.