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Week beg 28.6.2021

Miss O' Reilly

Today we said goodbye to Miss O'Reilly who has completed her PGCE in Education from Warwick University. We are pleased to say she has a job to go to in September at Our Lady's in Cubbington. We will miss her a lot. When asked today, the children said they loved her lessons about Shakespeare, Kings and Queens, phonics and maths ( especially the practical measurement lessons whilst one group was at Forest School). The adults at school would also like to thank her for the cakes (suitably quarantined) she bought us all... don't tell the children that occasionally we have treats too!!


From caterpillars to butterflies, we have enjoyed watching the lifecycle of a butterfly over the past two weeks. We are now proud parents of five Painted Lady butterflies. As good parents, we have cherished and nurtured them and on Monday, in our science lesson, we will release them to fend for themselves.


We have started our new text, "The Whisperer" by Nick Butterworth. This fabulous book is based on the Shakespeare play of "Romeo and Juliet" although the ending is very different to the  play. We have made predictions based on the front cover, asked questions of characters and thought how they would be feeling in different situations. The children thoroughly enjoyed acting as one of the cats in the gangs and finally this week we considered and discussed the pros and cons of the options available to Amber and Monty, the two cats from different families who are in love. Miriam and Lucas acted as Amber and Monty and walked around the class hearing everyone's opinion- should they stay together and leave or should be split up and return to their families? I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the book next week.

Geography: Our Local Area

The children have been so interested in maps and they understand the concept of a bird's eye view and the need of a key to interpret a map. They produced fantastic class maps this week and included a key. Such detail.

Maths: Position and Direction

Lots of work this week describing turns and sorting our left from our right. In our maths books, we have been writing sentences describing what is to our left or right or above and below us. We finished off today consolidating our work building with multilink bricks, then verbally describing the positions of the different colour blocks. We even managed some left and right side stepping in PE as well as sorting our North South, East and West in geography.

Finally Friday ....It must be Art - Printing

We used the string relief printing blocks we made last week to print with. We tried to use different colours. I have been impressed how they take their time to apply the paint, then if there isn't enough or there is too much, they'll make adjustments for their next print. Look how proud Ashton is!