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Week beg 26.4.21


The children have been introduced to an alternative version of Rapunzel by Bethan Woollvin. We have had lots of fantastic group book talk. We have made predictions based on an illustrations, compared this version to the original and thought about the personalities of the witch and  Rapunzel in this new version. We are only half way through the book so ( like Line of Duty), we have lots of clues and predictions for how it may work out but we just don't know yet. How can the witch be evil if she wears funky underpants? Why is the book colours black, white and grey with only a touch of yellow? Why, in the end picture, does Rapunzel look like a superhero?


Our class became " The 10 Club" on Wednesday. You could only enter if you were prepared to count in 10s.

Lots of objects needed counting and we realised that putting the objects into groups of 10s first, then counting in 10s would speed the process up. If you ever wondered if there are the same amount of pasta in two identical packs, well we found out.....


In our topic "What do Christians believe God is like?", we read the parable of "The Lost Son". Lots of talk about the father's forgiveness of his youngest son as he loves him first and foremost. We reflected that God is seen by Christians like the father in the story. We also considered how we are forgiven in our lives and how we show our love to our family.