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Week beg 24.5.21


Two lessons of PE today to make up for Monday's rained off lesson. Tennis, hurdles and relay racing. I hope the children have enjoyed learning some tennis skills. Today, we worked in pairs hitting the ball to each other then tried to hit the ball over the net into hoops. Lots of challenge for everyone.


This week in our unit on animal and their habitats, we considered what different habitats are like and thought about what animals lived in them. We loved sharing our knowledge of all creatures great and small.


We have all enjoyed the book Rapunzel by Bethan Woollvin. Rapunzel followed a plan and defeated the witch! We prepared  and wrote our own stories explaining how  Rapunzel could have escaped and defeated the  witch. Finally, we wrote a short book review considering our favourite parts. The witches "bloomers" were a very popular and highly amusing part of the book.


Lots and lots of practical maths this week.

As a whole class, we have been learning and embedding are skills in halving and doubling numbers then we moved on fractions. Can we recognise a half and a quarter? 

Children not at Forest school completed their unit on measurement- capacity. Fantastic paired collaborative learning outside with water, cups and containers.