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Week beg 22.3.21

A fabulous, energising start to our Friday. We were the first class to take part in the House cross country championships. We walked the course first then ran 2 laps totalling 600 metres. We loved it so much, we're going to do it again on Tuesday. Everyone worked super hard but a special mention to Ruth, Martha and Theo for placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


We finished our story maps of "The Emperor Egg". The children all can retell what happens from egg to chick very well. We have been writing this week and will complete our information posters next week.



The children all seem to love history and finding out about the past. This week and next, we are learning about Ernest Shackleton's expeditions to the South Pole. Did you know there was an island called Elephant Island? We do now. Lots of questions and interest. We wrote questions we'd like to ask him and sorted artefacts from  1911 and today. Black and white photography started a lot of questions. Did they not have coloured clothes then? A perfectly reasonable question. I brought in a few black and white photos to show the children and I've found some more today to bring in next week.


The children used pastels to create crosses using happy, bright colours to signify the happy parts of the Easter story. 

They then drew pictures of these happy times plus images of people and things that bring them happiness. Lots of palm leaves for this week's Palm Sunday.

Science Poster/ Science Week:

Here are our posters all now up displayed. In science week, we designed machines to either remove space junk from the sky or plastics and rubbish from the seas. Ideas included magnets, crushers, nets and spears amongst others.


Solving word problems and representing using bar models