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Week beg 21.6.2021

Schools' Race For Life:

Thank you to the children for running and to parents, carers, families and friends for supporting the event. The children loved running. Every time I felt we'd finished, I would say " Do you want to do another lap?" and off they went again.  They are credit to you all. However I may have to have a word with Mrs Randall for the photo she took of me running for my dad. Well done to Owen too for running for his Grandma in Cheltenham today. Knowing Owen was not going to be in school today, many children ran for his Grandma as well.


It's Friday afternoon, so it must be art time. We printed with the blocks we made last week and prepared a new block where we used string to form either a leaf or snail shape.

Maths- Money:

We've had a week learning about our different notes and coinage. We have been able to practise our counting in 2s, 5s and 10s as well as continue with our addition skills. Today we finished by adding amounts then comparing the totals using the mathematical symbols for greater than and less than.

Science: Plants.

On Monday, we planted beans...but not in soil. We have "planted" beans in plastic bags with just water, air and sunlight. We want to see if they will grow, and if they do, we want to see what grows first, the roots or the stem. Will the first growth be downward or upwards? An interesting investigation awaits.

Finally English...

Bit of an Ipad disaster. We have been performing poetry this week. We used the book " My cat likes to hides in boxes" and in groups, learnt the rhyming sentences, rehearsed them and then performed to the class. Photos taken of rehearsals and the performances are in the children's books, but then I deleted them release  Ipad storage! So just one rehearsal montage left I'm afraid.  All children performed fantastically... you'll just have to believe me.