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Week beg 19.7.2021

What  an eventful end to an eventful, yet none the less, fantastic year in 1A.

We may have not got to Italy today to learn about the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Venice and the fruit face art work of Guiseppe Arcimboldo, but a spontaneous special Teams Funday Wednesday was enjoyed by all who could attend.  I'll put some pictures of Guiseppe Arcimboldo up for you to look at. It would have been a fun way to finish our final holiday jaunt around France, Spain and Italy.


For all the ups and downs of the year, the children have shown great resilience and worked so hard together. A day has not gone past without laughter. They are credit to you all. It's been a fab year!

Many thanks to you all for the kind words written in cards and gifts we have received. They are all fully appreciated by Mrs Mottram, Mrs Bean, Mrs Reynolds, Mr Barnes and myself . We have without question thoroughly enjoyed our work with all the children. Mr Boucher too feels part of the class and the children have seen him more this year than any other year. What a fabulous member of our school team!

What ever your plans are now, I'm sure they'll be great and I look forward to seeing you all back in September.

Remember, " Tomorrow will be a good day".

Suppose I'd better mow that lawn now; I've plenty of time!


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