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Week beg 19.4.21

1A welcomed Miss O'Reilly to our class, who is completing her final term PGCE teacher training course with us. 

Our topic for this term is "Kings and Queens" and the children have already began forming questions on what they want to know about kings and queens.  The children are enjoying wearing a crown and being a monarch for part of the lessons.

Our DT topic is structures and we are also starting the term reading Rapunzel in English. Obviously we had to challenge ourselves to build towers with cocktail sticks and marshmallows. It was fascinating watching the children try out different shapes to make sturdier towers; triangles were the most popular and successful. It was a great exercise to develop resilience. If at first it does not succeed, try something different was the name of the game.

We finished the week with St George's day where the children undertook an orienteering challenge around the KS1 playground and field (such fun- forgot the camera) answering questions about England and other countries that make up the UK, and as the weather was so great, we carried on our learning with maths outside too. I hope they all slept well; I did after a busy first week back.


Photos are a mix of:

1) Retelling the story of Rapunzel by sequencing and acting out in small groups.

2) Tower building

3) Outdoor maths

4) History- placing monarchs in chronological order