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Week beg 17.5.21


In RE, we have been reading the parable " The Lost Son" and considering the power of forgiveness. The father forgave his youngest son for his actions. This week we thought of situations where in school we may make wrong choices but then said sorry and received forgiveness. We decided both saying sorry and being forgiven made us feel good. We decided forgiving someone for their actions made us feel good too.

Photos below. Please ask your child about the wrong choices re-enacted. They came up with a lot; playing with my computer keyboard was a very popular choice to act out!


When one half of the class are at Forest School, the other half have had the opportunity for practical maths around measurement. They have previously  learnt about measuring length and this week, the group learnt about weight and mass. The scales came out and lots of fantastic learning took place. We have been especially pleased with how the children's estimation skills are improving. Thank you Miss O'Reilly for increasing their enthusiasm by bringing in different sweets to weigh!


What a fantastic, resilient bunch of children! We hunted for minibeasts on a cold, incredibly windy afternoon even when we thought many minibeasts would be well covered and protecting themselves from the weather..

Using our magnifying glasses (very exciting), we searched, found a few and never let the weather get in our way!