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Week beg 12.7.2021

Sports Day 2021:

A super morning was had by all. Well done to everyone for trying their best.

The overall school Sports Day winners were......St Andrews!

Yellow Day:

All in yellow by the yellow flowers in the playground. I'd never realised how happy wearing yellow makes you feel. Thank you to the School Council for suggesting this fund raising event in aid of Zoe's Place Children's Hospices.

Maths: telling the time to half past the hour.

We made our clocks this week. I only had to say we are using "split pins" to get the children excited. Lots of progress in our time telling skills. We also have spent time finding out how long one minute actually is and what we can do in one minute. Quite a lot actually. On Friday we found out how long two minutes is and discussed why we hold a two minutes silence in November.

Friday Art: always

Interesting printing today. We used our clay stamps and realised they were quite tricky to use. We experimented to find the best methods. We learnt that:

a) The clay was porous so we had to apply the paint  quickly before it soaked into the clay. However, we found the second and third attempts were more successful as the first paint application seemed to act as a base layer.

b) It was best to place the paper on top of the stamp then gently press the paper against all of the stamp. A little like doing a bark rubbing.

c) We needed to take care not to press too hard as the clay was fragile.

d) The best stamps were thick and had strong indentations.


An excellent afternoon of learning to finish our printing unit.

And finally.....

Next week we are off on our holidays!

Monday we will be off to France for a day of French themed activities. We may stay in France for Tuesday and Wednesday or we may go to Spain or Italy. Let's see where we end up.

All children will most certainly be returned to you on Wednesday afternoon at 3 o' clock SHARP!