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Week beg 10.5.21


After our super diary writing as Rapunzel, writing in the first person, we moved on to some poetry. The witch cackled "You can never escape, Rapunzel! Leave the tower, and I will put a terrible curse on you!" The children put on their best cackling voices for this!

From this we discussed potions, made a potion, came up with descriptive phrases and then on Friday, as a whole class, came up with our very own witches' potion poem.

All the children offered ways of improving the vocabulary from our initial descriptive phrases. 

I'm sure most would now like to add their own sentences or prefer different versions of the sentences we have. That's how it should be as they continue to orally fine tune their ideas.


The children have been introduced to arrays this week in our lessons on multiplication.

An array is a way to represent multiplication and division using rows and columns. Rows represent the number of groups. Columns represent the number in each group or the size of each group. Lots of practical work and games to embed the concept this week.




We began our topic our "Animals and Living Things" this week examining what is living, what has never been alive and what is dead. Some excellent discussions about tables. If they are made of wood, they must have been alive as wood comes form trees. However, some parts of the tables are metal or plastic and these materials have never been alive. A lovely Friday afternoon was spent drawing images in our school habitat. We spotted rabbits, blackbirds, cats and magpies. We needed to be quiet to listen and to not disturb any creatures (I wasn't good at this). Special mention to Arthur, who in our class discussions on what animals are found in the different habitats around the world, amazed us again and again with naming so many animals.


Finally, the children became investigators. We read Mrs Newbold's version of  "The Mystery of the Princes in the Tower". We looked at the evidence (very little except they were never heard of again) and decide whether they felt Richard the Third was involved in their disappearance. Could Richard really have harmed them as he was their Uncle or did the Princes have help to escape from The Tower of London?

The children learnt some facts about Richard the Third and we considered how we know the information is reliable. We discussed how even now we are learning more about Richard from his remains which were found under a car park in Leicester.

As a Leicester City fan (come on you foxes!), can a recommend the book by Michael Morpurgo "The Fox and the Ghost King" as a lovely story that combines Leicester's Premier League win and the discovery of Richard's remains.