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Week 8 beg 19.10.20

1A are most definitely budding scientists. This week we have performed investigations on everyday materials and how they behave ( their properties).

We predicted then tested objects (and so their materials) for the following properties : waterproof/ not waterproof, bendy/ not bendy and transparent/ not transparent.

We finished off deciding on the best material for Traction Man's new suit. We decided it had to be stretchy. Materials were all cut to 5 cm then stretched for 10 seconds. Mrs Reynolds and I loved trying to answer the children's questions on why certain objects are made of certain materials. In discussion, we learnt cotton comes from plants which Ruth confirmed as having seen a cotton plant. I hope the children become more aware of what objects are made of and we even began discussing how some materials can't be reused or recycled. A fantastic few days of science learning.

I remembered PE pictures (however it was tricky taking photos and score/time at the same time). This half term Mr Barnes has taught multi-skills and I have taught playground athletics. The children's enthusiasm in all PE lessons has been fantastic.

We have now finished our playground athletics unit. This week we completed our 5 events for the Coventry, Solihull and Warwickshire Sports Partnership Virtual Event. Each class in school has taken part. For KS1, it involved standing long jump, speed bounce, target practise, chest throw and a 40 metre run. I fully appreciated their encouragement when I've modelled the events. Adults, if you get the chance, you try speed bounce for 20 seconds; it's not easy.

Our art lesson allowed us to appreciate the beautiful Autumn leaves this year. We collected leaves and twigs to  make beautiful  pictures.