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Week 8

What a fantastic final week it has been in 5/6B. The children have continued to work hard and impress and it has been a great end to the first half term back at St. Paul's. In English the children finished their description of a creature inspired by our book The Arrival. There were some amazing examples of figurative language on display and it was good to see the children working on their editing and improving skills. At the end of the week the children were taught by Miss O'Reilly and put their descriptive writing skills to the test writing some imaginative descriptions inspired by settings in Harry Potter. In maths the children continued their work on fractions and begun to add and subtract fractions (some with different denominators). Mrs Burke and I also had the chance to listen to some children read their favourite books which was lovely. In science the children conducted an experiment looking at how meteor strikes have impacted the surface of the moon. In art the children painted their Picasso inspired self-portraits, they paid particular attention to their choice of colour and how it would impact the overall feeling of the painting. Finally in geography we looked again at Ordnance Survey maps, specifically focussing on contour lines and what they can tell us about the height of the land in the map and how steep slopes can be. We then went on a treasure hunt using maps of London to solve a mystery. 


Our class display showing descriptive writing based on The Arrival. 


Our class maths display showing our work on adding and subtracting fractions. 


Eliza's science experiment looking at meteors striking the Moon's surface. 


Isabel's work on contour lines and what type of landform they represent.

5/6B Picasso Self-Portraits