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Week 7 w/c 19.07.21

Many congratulations to the final trophy winners of the year ...

It seemed a fitting way to finish our MATHS and SCIENCE topics to complete a TREE MEASURING CHALLENGE.  We all had great fun measuring the GIRTH and HEIGHT of our trees using metre sticks and tape measures.  We discovered girths ranging from 16cm all the way up to 3m and 66cm and heights ranging from 6m to 30m.   Although Finn was delighted at the thought of tree climbing to measure the height of trees, I think most adults will be relieved to know that we tried out an amusing trick instead - which meant both our feet were firmly on the ground !   I have attached the challenge in case you might have a few spare moments in the holiday to try it out with your families.

Well it's has certainly been a great year for the St Andrew's House - not only were they the winners of our Key Stage One Sports Day last Thursday, they have also bagged House of the Year !  Many congratulations to all the members of St Andrew's House - a treat will be waiting for you in September !  That will be something to look forward to ... smiley

We have received some very important looking post !

The children were delighted that Matt Western MP replied by letter after we sent all of St Paul's Send My Friend to School work into his local offices.  It was good to hear that he enjoyed joining in with our virtual Day of the African Child virtual events and that he has made a display of our work in his offices !