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Week 7

English and Shared reading 

English and shared reading were closely linked this week. In shared reading we read Fantastic Beasts and where to find them by J.K Rowling. The beasts we focused on from this books where the Acromantula, the Hippogriff and the Niffler. The children learnt a lot about these beasts including their classification, diets, habitats and appearance. In English, we then used these beast as inspiration to create our own beasts. The children draw their beasts and gave them names. Then they followed J.K Rowling's Fantastic Beasts model to write about their beasts so we could create our own Fantastic Beasts book. 


In Maths we have been exploring fractions. This week we focused on representing fractions, equivalent fractions, simplifying fractions and improper and mixed fractions. The children learn different processes for how to find these different fractions and all worked extremely hard. 


In Geography this week the children had plan a route using 8 compass points and give coordinates from the x and y axis on a map. We looked at a map of Leamington and the children had to give the coordinates for different places on the maps.


In Science we learnt about the moons surface and how craters are formed. We carried out an experiment to see if the height at which we dropped a ping pong ball (which represent an asteroid) affected the width of a crater on the moons surface. We dropped the balls into flour and measured the width of the hole that the ball had made. We found that the higher the ball was dropped from, the wider the crater but only by a small amount. 


In art we draw self portraits in the style of Pablo Picasso.