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Week 7 beg 12.10.20

In English, we have continued to use "Traction Man is Here" as our inspiration for our learning. As well as describing Traction Man's character, we had so much fun re-enacting one of  the scenes from the book then changing the characters involved. Next week, we are becoming authors and will be using our imagination to think of a new story for Traction Man. Who could he save now and where will it take place?
In maths, we have been finding number bonds between numbers up to 10 then numbers bonds for 10. We compared number bonds and the children were introduced to the 10 frame, which we will use more next week to help with our addition of two numbers.

Farmer Pete joined our maths lessons last week. Enjoy!

Nope, this isn't how we wash our hands everytime in 1A. 

We have started our science unit on Everyday Materials. The children thoroughly enjoyed describing materials they could feel in the washing bowls.

Fantastic discussions followed on why certain objects are made of wood or plastic or glass and not out of other materials . The subsequent playtime gave extra opportunities for learning as many children spent playtime thinking and discussing what things were made out of in the playground and why. When we came back in, discussion continued on what is our skin and bone made of. We realised our skin must be waterproof and we proved it is has elastic properties too! I hope the questioning will continue at home. Lucas especially was an absolute star; questioning and thinking all lesson.

PE. Someone remind me to take photos! We are so engrossed in challenging ourselves, I forget every week.