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Week 6 w/c 24.05.21

Many congratulations to this half term's trophy winners...

All ready to get packaged up, with work from all the St Paul's classes, to send to our link school St Charles Lwanga in Bo, Sierra Leone, for our joint project Talking Rubbish

In ENGLISH, we have spent the week writing up our own alternative tale of Rapunzel, following our plans.  Our main focus was engaging the reader with a range of sentence types and a twist in the plot away from the traditional tale. 

In MATHS, we have continued our fraction work, looking at the equivalence of 1/2 and 2/4 and solving fraction problems.  After 1/2 term, we will be finding 3/4, adding fractions and doing some more problems solving.

We've made it ... !!! A lovely Golden Time afternoon to end the half term. Happy May holiday to you all :)