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Week 6 beg 5.10.20

In English, we have been enjoying reading about the adventures of Traction Man in "Traction Man and the Beach Odyssey".  We have made lists of what he may take on holiday and labelled a picture. Throughout the week our grammar learning has been based around sentence structure. We have learnt that sentences are a group of words that make sense, need a capital letter to start and a full stop to end. Kung Fu Punctuation actions have helped. I hope the children can show you the actions for capital letters and full stop.
In maths, we have started our block on addition and subtraction. Before we introduced the addition and equals sign, the "Part-Whole" model was explored. This may be new to many parents, but I hope you can see how it can help in our representation of addition and subtraction number sentences.

In Topic, we have learnt about the life of another nurse, Edith Cavell. We learnt how in a war situation she cared for soldiers injured from both sides. The children enjoyed acting out caring scenes from her life.

In music, we continued to learn about strong and weak beats found in music using African drums, claves and our bodies to march and move to different beats of 2,3 and 4. The children enjoyed acting as the class conductor. Conductor Harrison's rather speedy beat of 2 kept us alert!

In art with Mrs Mottram, we have made a coil pot from clay which we painted on Friday. I have been so impressed how the children's skills using clay has progressed over this half term.

Finally PE, I wish I remember to take pictures form Mr Barnes' and my PE lessons. I'll try to next week. In my Thursday Playground Athletics lesson, the children have been improving their pull and push throwing skills. Using the foam javelins to throw using the pull techniques, children are improving. Special mention to Lucas who threw over 8 metres.