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Week 6

Another busy week in 5/6B! It has been a brilliant week where the children have really impressed Mrs Burke and I with their hard working attitudes and their willingness to 'crack on'. We have also welcomed our student teacher Miss O'Reilly who is starting her Primary PGCE at Warwick University. We are sure she will be a brilliant addition to the class. In English this week we have been looking at chapter 2 of The Arrival. The children worked on freeze frames based on pictures in the book and then we considered how the lead character would feel in this strange new world. The final piece of written work was a set of instructions for a new arrival to follow using imperative verbs and time connectives. In maths we looked at converting different metric units and then worked on finding both the area and perimeter or regular and irregular shapes. In science the children looked at the Moon and how it impacts on life on Earth. In geography we looked at using grid references to help locate areas on a map culminating in the children 'cracking a code' using four and six-figure grid references. In art we sketched self-portraits and also looked at self-portraits of famous artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh and Rembrandt. In PE the children took part in obstacle races involving ladders, hurdles and speed bouncing. Finally in RE children learnt about Muslim's attitudes to charity. 


Eleni's fabulous instruction based on the book 'The Arrival'.


Xander's excellent work on area and perimeter. 


Eliza's amazing work on the Moon and its orbit around Earth. 


Ralf's beautifully presented work on six-figure grid references. 


Penny's carefully sketched self-portrait using proportion techniques for the eyes, nose and mouth. 


Ollie's great work on Islam's attitude to charity in the local community.