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Week 6

We have reached the final full week and I can't quite believe where the time has gone! It was a slightly deflated start on Monday with some tired children (and teacher) still getting over the match the night before. However, my mood was raised with the discussion that followed. We talked about the online abuse that some players received, in particular Bukayo Saka. The children were genuinely upset and shocked at the situation and really could not understand the actions of some truly foolish individuals. A class page and school website is probably not the forum to express any overly political opinions but the piece of work that the children produced, that I have shared below, gives me real hope for the future. 


In class we have still been working hard but have perhaps had a slightly more relaxed and free-flowing timetable. In English this week we have been completing our scripts based on a scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream. The children have put their own twist on the scene with some modernising it and others adding in new characters. There have also been some fantastic Shakespearean insults. The children will be performing their scenes in the next few days. In shared reading the children have had the opportunity to write a review of their favourite book, character, genre or author. It was lovely to go round the class and speak to the children about their different favourites, this year 5/6B have shown themselves to be voracious readers. In maths we have focussed on the practical side of the subject which has involved weighing different everyday objects and estimating the height of the many trees we have on the school field. The children then presented their data using a range of different charts and graphs. It has been good to see the children implementing their mathematical skills on everyday situations. In geography the children have been designing and drawing their own maps which contain a range of geographical features. We took inspiration from some examples from the world of books looking at maps from novels like The Hobbit and Treasure Island. Mrs Sanghera was also very kind and tea-stained some of the maps to add that extra bit of authenticity. 


The big event this week has been the return of sports day! It was so good to have a sense of normality return to school with the KS2 sports morning taking place. The children and staff had a brilliant time and it was great to see the competitive nature of 5/6B come out with some fine individual and team performances for the children's respective houses. We are waiting on all the results to come in from the other phases sports days before the winning house is announced. It was a shame that parents were unable to attend this year but I have included a gallery of pictures below. 


This weeks song choice was selected by Mrs Lee, who has been teaching the class on a Thursday for the last term. Her selection was Kate Bush, Running up that Hill. A song that has been covered numerous times by numerous artists and bands but nothing touches the original. It will be added to the playlist with one more song to go next week (I don't think any of us really wanted to hear Three Lions again anyway). 




Mr H

Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill

Bukayo Saka