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Week 6

The final week of term and we've had some sunshine to brighten up our final days of the week. The children have worked so hard even up to the final day and showed what keen learners they are. We've had lots of fun doing different activities this week and we are all looking forward to a week off. Here's what we've been up to:


English: We wrote up our kennings onto plastic bags to recyle them instead of them being thrown away. This linked directly with the book the poems were based around, One Plastic Bag and they are all being sent to our partner school in Africa as part of our One World Link. I was so proud of how the children took their time to produce great work and their best handwriting. 

We also kept working on publishing our picture books which should be ready to go home and show off all their hard work.


Maths: We've continued our geometry work looking at horizontal and vertical lines, obtuse and acute angles and parallel and perpendicular lines. We've also kept refreshing our minds on the names and properties of 2D shapes and been tackling problem solving.


P.E: In P.E we played some singles and doubles matches in tennis using basic rules and Luke showed how amazing he is at tennis! The children worked hard on developing their forehand and backhand as well as working with a partner to serve and return the ball.


Guided reading: We have been looking at an extract from a Julia Donaldson play this week and unfamiliar words and their definitions.


Topic: We made fact files about Egyptian clothing, jewellery, homes and food and drink. The children researched their own information about their chosen topic and produced group fact files. I was impressed their their fact finding skills and teamwork!


DT: We made our night light covers and boy did we have fun! Thank you to all who brought in materials for junk modelling. We covered most of the floor and had a great time making a mess and creating our 3D items. The left over recycling was then recycled again and given to KS1 for their DT projects.


Thank you 3A for a wonderful half term. I've been amazed by your kindness to one another, care and pride you've taken in your work and having you back for a full half term has truly been wonderful. Please take some time to rest, relax and have fun with family and friends and the restrictions ease. I look forward to having you back in June for our final half term together.


Miss Woodcock smiley