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Week 6

We have reached the end of another half term and I can't quite believe that we only have another six (and a bit) weeks to go after half term. Fortunately the weather has been kind to us so we have been able to finally utilise the field at break and lunch times, much to the delight of the children!


Despite it being the last week we have kept up the hard work and have manged to fit in some fabulous learning. In shared reading we have been continuing to read/study Shackleton's Journey and have reached the point where The Endurance is lost to the ice. We discussed how the men would have felt trapped in Antarctica and also looked at some subject specific language. Prizes for anyone who can remember what a 'growler' is. In English the children absolutely wowed me with their poetry based on Antarctica and Shackleton. The descriptive poems contained personification, metaphors, similes and various other fantastic figurative features. It was so good to see the children take so much pride in their work and be so keen to look to edit and improve their writing. In maths we have been switching our focus to decimals. We have looked at the importance of understanding place value when tackling questions involving decimals. We have then been looking at using the four operations with decimal numbers and then using our knowledge to answer word problems featuring decimals. In history the children out together a fact file which aimed to show all that they had learnt about the Mayans. The work was so good that we have used it on one of the displays in our class (see pictures below). In science we looked at water resistance and how different shapes can travel through water. My love of order and tidiness was challenged as water was splashed everywhere but it was good fun and the tidy-up operation at the end was outstanding. In PE the children continued their work in athletics with the events this week being the relay and hurdles. There are still some definite hopefuls for future Olympics. 


I hope that everyone has a fantastic half term break and hopefully the good weather will continue. Our final song choice for this half term is an oldie but a goodie, Anyway You Want It by Journey, a return to my love of classic rock. 




Mr H

Journey - Any Way You Want It (Official Video - 1980)