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Week 6

Hi 5/6A! You have done it, you have reached the end of this strange half term! It has definitely been one of the more unusual ones that we have experienced. It seems like a long time ago that we were wishing each other a Merry Christmas and starting our Christmas holiday.


Thank goodness for technology and at least being able to catch up with you all on Teams. We love to see your smiling faces, your various pets and hear your latest news.


We will continue with our remote learning for at least a further 2 weeks after half term, but hopefully it won’t be too longer till we are once again able to reunite in our lovely classroom.


Thank you to those of you sending us your work, either by Teams or email. As we always say to you, it is something we love seeing and it is important that we are getting an idea of how you are getting on with your learning at home.


This week it has been fantastic discussing your experiences of lockdown and seeing your questionnaires that you have been completing with your families. Remember what we have said to you, it is a hard time for all of us and your mental health is very important. If you ever need to talk then remember what we learnt in Protective Behaviours, you will have people who will be happy to listen and help. Sometimes just talking can help and hopefully writing down your thoughts in a poem may have also been cathartic (there is your word for this week). 


Enjoy your half term holidays. Give yourself a break: sit in bed reading your favourite book, snuggle on the sofa watching a favourite movie, get outside and run around or just sit quietly and see what nature you can spot.


Take care,

Mrs Williams and Mrs Young.