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Week 6

Hello 5/6B! You have done it, you have reached the end of this strange half term! It has definitely been one of the more unusual ones that I have experienced. It seems like a long time ago that I was saying good bye and Merry Christmas to you all and since then I have only seen the majority of you on our favourite app Teams. I am hopeful that before too long we will all be reunited and can be sat in a classroom together having our usual random conversations, laughing and playing Sporcle together (maybe even do some learning). I can't wait!


Thank you for those of you sending me your work through, either by Teams or email, as I always say to you it is something I love seeing and it is important that I am getting an idea of how you are getting on with your learning. Just because I am not directly teaching you does not mean I am less interested, if anything I am even more interested. 


It has been fantastic discussing your experiences of lockdown and seeing your questionnaires that you have been completing with your families. Remember what I have said to you, it is a hard time for all of us and your mental health is very important. If you ever need to talk then remember what we learnt in Protective Behaviours, you will have people who will be happy to listen and help. Sometimes just talking can help and hopefully writing down your thoughts in a poem may be cathartic (there is your word for this week). 


Your final song for this half term is by a band called Ash and is called Shining Light. This song was released way back in 2001 (before any of you were born). I don't think I have listened to it for a good ten years but for some reason it popped into my head and made me smile as I was doing my shopping in Tesco. I hope you enjoy. 


Stay safe and speak soon, 


Mr H

Ash - Shining Light

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