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Week 5

Our learning in 3/4B this week will include:




  • We will continue to research, planning and write a non-chronological report on South Africa and Apartheid, linked to our text "Journey to Jo'burg."
  • We will begin our next unit of work looking at newspaper reports. 


Guided Reading

  • Continuing to read Michael Morpurgo's "The Butterfly Lion" and working through comprehension activities based on the text.


  • Continuing to work on our Unit about multiplication and division. 
  • Learning the multiplication and division facts for the 4 and 8 times tables.
  • Problem solving using multiplication and division.


Other Curriculum Subjects

  • Science – to investigate which materials are effective in preventing vibrations from sound sources reaching the ear..
  • Art – continuing to experiment with various styles of shading using pencils and charcoal, and drawing pictures using these techniques.
  • RE – To understand about the Grace.
  • Topic – looking at important and influential figures in Black History, this week will be Mary Seacole.
  • Music – with Mrs Chard on Monday afternoon.
  • PE –hockey on Monday with Mr Barnes  and team games (outside) on Tuesday with Mrs Lee.

This week the children have worked hard to write a non-chronological report all about South Africa and apartheid. 

Pupils used an ‘Arrays game’ to reinforce their skills at multiplying by 8. In pairs, children took turns to roll a pair of dice and then created as many arrays as they could on their graph paper. The winner was the person with the most coloured squares at the end.

In R.E. pupils learned about the Grace and explored verses from the Bible. 


This week in science we investigated which materials were the most effective in preventing vibrations from sound sources reaching the ear. The children enjoyed making their own ear defenders using paper cups and a range of materials.