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Week 5

This week in 5/6B we have continued our busy term with lots of fantastic work. In English we started our main book for the term 'The Arrival'. The children enjoyed looking through the drawings and have begun to form their own ideas about what is happening. We finished the week with the children writing a diary entry from the perspective of one of the characters in the book. In maths we continued our work on number, this week looking at division. The children worked hard using and applying their knowledge to word problems and reasoning style questions. In geography we looked at the eight main compass directions and applied them into maps that the children had designed themselves. In science the children looked at compiling data on sunrise and sunset throughout the year. In RE the children continued their study of Islam, this week looking at daily prayer. Finally to completely wear the children out in PE we worked on relay races and baton hand overs and then ran a bleep test where there were some very impressive scores (level 13 was reached!). 


Owen;s work on reasoning and word problems, applying his knowledge of the four operations brilliantly!


Eleni's excellent work looking at sunrise and sunset times throughout the year. 


Hadisa's map with instructions based around the points of a compass. 


Ollie's diary entry based on a character from the book 'The Arrival's' viewpoint.