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Week 5

It really is beginning to feel like the end of term. The year 6 children have been out of class frantically putting the finishing touches to the end of year play. A huge thank you has to go to Mrs Wellicome who has been working incredibly hard in circumstances that are far from ideal. I am sure that it will be a roaring success and a fantastic memory for the children. The year 5 children have continued with their hard work and have been enjoying the slightly varied timetable that we have implemented this week (particularly as they have got to wear PE kit so much). 


Before diving into what we have been doing this week the piece of news I forgot to mention from last week was the butterflies! You my have seen the news that each class were given caterpillars which eventually turned into beautiful butterflies. Our class butterflies were released into the schools butterfly garden last Thursday by Mrs Lee with the children watching on. I am told it was a beautiful and poignant moment enjoyed by all. I was also very lucky that we had some spare caterpillars that I took home for my little boy to enjoy, he was obsessed with them (named Pink, Greg, Quacky and Steve) and the class enjoyed hearing about his interactions with them. Thank you Miss Woodcock for the gift. 


This week in English the children have been looking at the features of a playscript using a scene from A Midsummer Night's Dream to look at what makes a playscript a playscript. The children will eventually be writing their own scene from the play with a view to later performing it in small groups. Based on the acting that I have seen so far I am sure they will be fantastic. In maths we have done some different active maths sessions. On Wednesday we looked at drawing and measuring lines as accurately as we could and then going round the classroom answering various questions and looking at how accurately our measurements could be. In shared reading we have been looking at The Glove Theatre. The children have enjoyed finding out about everything from the price of seats, the groundlings and all the tricks that were used to surprise audiences in Tudor times. In geography the children looked at dams and how they can be beneficial for a countries economy but can also lead to problems for the environment, animals and humans. The children also had the opportunity to research a river and put together their own fact-file all about it. In PE the children had their final skills session in cricket. The children combined all their throwing, catching, fielding and batting skills in a cricket style obstacle race. It was great to see the children demonstrating all they have learnt and it will be interesting to see how they perform in the games next week. The children also continued their rounders sessions with Mrs Lee and I was told there were some amazing skills on display. Finally, in DT the children made their salads. It was so good to see the children demonstrating the chopping, peeling and mixing skills that they have learnt over the last few weeks and I have to say the salads they made looked brilliant. If you do get a chance to complete the evaluation sheets that the children brought home with them that would be brilliant. 


With the euphoria and nerves of Wednesday's semi-final still fresh in my mind I am unwilling to tempt fate so will be holding off on a certain song choice. However, I will have Sweet Caroline as our Friday song. It was fantastic to see the outpouring of joy from all over the country on Wednesday night, just what we all need at the moment. I have also said to the children how nice it is to see a team full of role models and grounded individuals. Here is hoping next week that the song choice picks itself. 




Mr H

Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline