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Week 5

As the weather continues to play havoc with our plan 5/6B have been continuing to soldier on through the rain and the wind. As we approach the finish line for the is half of the summer term I have continued to be impressed with all that the children have done. One thing that has always been clear about the class is that they really do look out for and support each other and this is a lovely quality to have. 


The pace of the term has not slowed as we have been fitting a huge amount of learning this week. In English the children planned, designed and put together their fact pages based on their non-chronological reports about Antarctica. As mentioned before the level of knowledge that the children have about Antarctica is staggering and I was blown away by their creative and eye-catching work. If you are planning on a holiday to that part of the world then you would do well to read some of the fact pages. In shared reading we have been looking at the poem, 'My Shadow' by Robert Louis Stevenson. The children have looked at its features and also answered questions about it. What was the highlight of shared reading was listening to the children perform the poem after taking some advice from Michael Rosen on how to be animated readers. To see lots of the children be so brave and come to the front was lovely. In maths the children have been continuing their work on fractions. This week we have been multiplying and dividing fractions by both integers and other fractions as well as also applying our knowledge of fractions into real life problems. The children have a really positive attitude to maths and seeing so many of the children who used to struggle with this side of maths flourish has been amazing. In history we had out last lesson based on the Mayans and this week our attention focussed on the dietary habits of the Central American civilization. The children compared what they eat in their lives with what the Mayans ate as well as looking at the different and innovative ways that the Mayans farmed. In science the children conducted experiments looking at the impact air resistance has on a falling object and also got to grips with using stopwatches (with some hilarious moments). In PE the children have been practicing the high jump using the scissor kick method. Finally at the end of the week we have joined the rest of the school in studying the book 'One Plastic Bag'. This book links in with our One World link and is about a woman in Gambia who turned plastic bags into purses and thus helped stop plastic waste in the country. The children spent time learning about Gambia and then worked in groups to put together instructions on how to make a purse based on what they have seen in the book. 


I think we can all agree a very busy but rewarding week. The song choice for this week is by Elton John. One of my all time favourite songs and again broadens the genre of music that we listen to on a Friday morning. 




Mr H

Elton John - Your Song