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Week 5

Hello everyone,

Can you believe we have almost completed an entire half term. Just one more week to go children until you can have a well deserved rest!

It has been so lovely to see you all on TEAMS this week.  Mrs Williams and I do miss you so it's good to see you and hear your stories, ideas and enjoy the amazing movies you have made for Science and English.  Who knew 5/6a had so many budding filmmakers.  Once this lockdown is over we could be on our way to Hollywood!


We are so proud of the way you have kept up with lessons and attended all the online sessions. It's lovely to see your emails and your teams folders with lots of work-we are trying to get as much on the website as we can.


 This week a few of you said how hard you are finding lockdown.  Just as we have said to you, you are not alone.  Many of us are finding it very difficult.  I am sure you will have heard it from your parents,as well as us, but  it has never been more important to keep a routine.

Get up at early, eat breakfast, do your lessons for the day, eat regular meals and try to include healthy snacks such as fruit and then try to get as much outside time or exercise as you can.  After last week's science lesson you will know exactly what to do!

Also, this week we showed you how to register for the Road to Tokyo.  If we all put lots of effort in this week we could be there in no time plus, we will feel much better for the exercise.


If you need some new ideas on how to keep busy then look on our class page(underneath our Value Award) for 'how to keep happy in lockdown'.


Take care. Stay safe and have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Young and Mrs Williams



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