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Week 4


This week in English we have continued with our Night or the Gargoyles book and used this as our inspiration to create our own gargoyle poems. We explored the language and layout features of the text and from this made a structure to follow when we wrote our own poems. 



In maths this week we have focused on addition, subtraction and multiplication. The methods we have used are column addition and subtraction and short multiplication. 

Later on in the week we tracked word problems and talked about the different language that is used. Then, on Friday we did active maths and the children had to answer word questions which were hidden around the playground. 


This week in geography the children planned and draw sketch maps. We looked at different maps, such as ordnance surveys and google maps, to understand how maps used keys, symbols and road layouts. We then walked the streets near school and draw our interpretations of the route. In the second lesson, we used our draw out street maps and satellite maps to create our sketch maps. 


This week in science the children worked in pairs to create posters about a planet in our solar system. They used books and websites to collect facts and worked together to make very information poster.