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Week 4

It has been a great week in 5/6B and the children have continued to impress with their hard work! With this week being slightly shorter we have had lots to fit in. In English we have continued to base our learning around The Wolves in the Wall. The children have been looking at how the story is structured and the different literary devices that Neil Gaiman employs in the story. The children then began to plan their own versions of the book making sure that they follow the structure set by the author. In maths the children have been working on comparing fractions, decimals and percentages. As the week progressed the children began to use and apply their previous learning to help them find percentages of whole numbers. Well done to Miss O'Reilly who taught the bulk of the maths this week, the children really enjoyed it! In shared reading we stuck with the theme of Neil Gaiman books as we based our learning around the opening chapter of Coraline. The children looked at answering questions based on the text, focusing in particular at using evidence to support their answers. In science the children continued to investigate circuits and how individual components can impact on a circuit. In DT the children looked at their market research and begun to draw conclusions from it. We then analysed the different properties of materials such as their elasticity or durability. In history we had our final lesson of our Iron Age topic where we learnt about the mysterious world of the druids.