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Week 4

It is beginning to feel like we are entering the final lap of the academic year, particularly as July has arrived. Seeing the lines being painted on the field in preparation for Sports Day, putting the final touches to the year 6 trip to Aztec Adventures and looking slightly further ahead to Marle Hall in September. It is definitely that time of year. There has been a lot going on this week and as usual the children have taken it in their stride. A special mention to the year 6 children who have tackled their final round of SATs with real commitment (I have apologised for making them doing it and have assured them that this will be the final time I say the acronym SATs in front of them).


Whilst the year sixes have been doing their SATs in the morning the year 5 children have been working hard in maths. This week we have revisited the always fun topic of time. We have looked at years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds and looked at converting between them as well as practising telling the time. The children also answered questions where they used their knowledge of time to answer practical problems. In shared reading we continued with our focus on Shakespeare, this time looking at Macbeth (or The Scottish Play for the thespians amongst us). We focussed on the witches song from the beginning of the play and the children wrote their own versions and then performed them to their peers using the willow domes as their witches lair. It was so good to see the children take so much enjoyment in what they were doing and their work and performances were fantastic. In English all of the children worked on performing a part of A Midsummer Night's Dream focussing on the 'style' of a character. We thought about how that character would move and speak and how to really get into their mindset. In DT we have begun to plan our salads with the children selecting ingredients and thinking carefully about how they will prepare and present their dish as well as focussing on the nutritional content. In geography the children looked at the various ways that rivers can be used. The children put this research into the form of a circular diagram with pictures representing the different uses. In PE we unfortunately were not able to do any cricket this week with the weather and access to equipment conspiring against us. The children were, however, able to play rounders with Mrs Lee. Finally, in RE the children discussed non-violent protests and looked at examples from history such as Dr Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. 


A reminder to parents that we need to have the OSA2 forms for those children going to Marle Hall in September returned as soon as possible. For those children going to Aztec Adventures later this month there will be some further details about the trip issued next week. Our song choice for this week (I am still holding off on the football related tune) is from the Irish siblings The Corrs. A firm favourite of mine and in my opinion a criminally underrated band. I hope you enjoy. 




Mr H

The Corrs - Summer Sunshine