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Week 4

Week 4 Work

It has been a really busy week in 5/6B as we have now fully got back into the swing of school life (meaning we are all exhausted by 2pm). In English we have had our final week studying Night of the Gargoyles and the children planned, wrote and performed a poem based on the gargoyles getting their revenge on the humans (see the display below). In maths we have continued to work on the four operations and moved on to multiplying numbers by both one and two-digit numbers. A great week in maths culminated in some practical maths activities out on the playground involving factors, place value and ordering skills. In the afternoon the children have designed fact sheets based on the planets in our solar system. In geography we studied Ordnance Survey and sketch maps and the children had a go at designing their own sketch maps based on where they live. In art we have been working on our shading and sketching skills and in RE have continued to study different aspects of Islam. 


Diarnae's fabulous short multiplication work, multiplying a three-digit by a two-digit number.


Our class display showing the children's fact sheets about the different planets. 


An amazing display filled with some incredible poetry based on Night of the Gargoyles. 


Penny's detailed sketch map complete with key and colour coding.