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Week 4

What a week we've had. Some of our butterflies have come out of their cocoons! The class were excited to glimpse at the first red admiral that came out to see us on Wednesday. Since then, we have had 2 others join and are waiting for another 2. We are hoping to come in on Monday morning to 5 beautiful butterflies. Here's what else we've been doing:


English - Writing our our newspaper reports on The Lost Golden City in Ancient Egypt like real reporters.


Maths - Working on unit and non-unit fractions and the difference between them both.


P.E - We worked on our bowling/throwing skills before having a game of Tee Ball. Some children even used the touching with the ball rule to get others out.


History - We drew together all of our knowledge about ancient Egypt and created a documentary about it.


Science - We recapped our knowledge about the human digestive system and then acted our the process.


R.E - We looked at Abraham and the concept of faith.


Art - Those who weren't at forest school created their canopic jars using tubes, newspaper and mod rock. We got messy but loved using a new medium!



Enjoy your weekend, stay safe and enjoy reading your reports. They were a pleasure to write.



Miss Woodcock