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Week 3

Here is some of the learning we have been doing this week in 3/4B:



We have been revisiting some grammar work this week on on verb tenses as well as identifying statements, questions and exclamations. The children have planned newspaper reports based on a new discovery in Egypt. All children have also written a piece of persuasive writing giving their viewpoint about whether computer games should be banned.  



We have been identifying horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular lines this week. We have also looked at a range of 2-D and 3-D shapes.



Using household items, we used a practical experiment to recreate the digestion process within the classroom. The demonstration enabled children to visualise the process of digestion. It was very much enjoyed by all!



We made links between the promises made in the story of Noah and those made at a Christian wedding ceremony. The children identified symbols at a Christian wedding.



We have continued to practise our cricket skills this week.


Race for Life

All children took part in our Race for Life event on the school playing field and have received a medal in recognition of their achievements. Great running 3/4B!!


Science investigation 'The digestive process in humans'.