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Week 3

Hello everyone,


Well, we may be in the second half of the last term but year 5/6A have been working so hard this week.  Algebra and Shakespeare may not be everyone's dream combination but the children have embraced them and made us proud!  I'm not sure our class 'pets' are so keen as they have slept through the entire week.  It's exciting waiting for them to transform.


In English this week we have started to look at our new text, A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare. The children have absolutely loved watching the BBC animated version and have also got to grips with some of the Shakespearean language and insults . The girl's new mantra 'Though she be but little she is fierce". You've been warned!

In maths we have been working on our understanding of algebra. This has certainly been a challenge looking at expressions, formulae, substitutions and equations.  Thank goodness for the excellent support of Ms Curran and Mrs Wellicome who are both brilliant mathmeticians.  Especially impressive has been the year 5 children who are learning something that isn't really featured in the curriculum until year 6. they had a little proud moment when working from a year 6 book on Friday-just so they could see how well they were doing.


In geography we have continued our study of rivers with the children looking at the different features we would see in a river. We looked at meanders, tributaries, gorges and a whole host of other features and even managed to talk about oxbow lakes (for the geographers out there). Did you know the term meanders comes from the Menderes(or Maender)River in Turkey.

 In DT the children created an array of different salads under the expert tuition of Mrs Williams. The children made an array of salads using not only vegetables but also couscous, potatoes, pasta and rice. The children loved the opportunity to try things that they may not necessarily have had before. In PE we had a close run game between Year 5 and Year 6 with Alan proving himself as a champion fielder. 


As a class we also took part in the Race for Life event organised by Mrs Newbold. It was great to see so many of the children running and pushing themselves.  they did themselves and their families proud and it was lovely to hear them cheering each other on.

Tom managed a massive 11 laps.  The total raised has overwhelmed us all so thank you.

Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Williams and Mrs Young