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Week 3 - 14/9

What an amazing third week we have had.  5/6A have continued to work hard and enjoyed opportunities to encourage and challenge both themselves and one another.


In English we have studied Night of the Gargoyles and had great fun creating freeze frames of each other as gargoyles, investigating powerful verbs to describe a gargoyes' movements and imagining scenes where gargoyles could go out at night and create chaos!

Full thanks to Mrs Williams for introducing us to this amazing book! 

Shared reading has also seen us read The Tyger by William Blake and the children writing their own stanzas in his style. 


In maths we have been investigating numbers in real life.  Looking at number patterns,  ordering, comparing and rounding positive and negative numbers with an opportunity to apply these skills in Active Maths on Friday.


In the afternoons we have been using maps in geography to locate different countries and places on Earth whilst in Science we have been exploring the different planets in the Solar System.  In Art we used sketching pencils and charcoal to create our own gruesome gargoyles.


On Friday we were very lucky as Inbal gave her insight on Rosh Hashanah and shared a powerpoint teaching us all about her family celebrations, wishing us a fruitful new year and giving us great advice on being the head(of a fish)and not the tail as we start our year in 5/6.

Thank you Inbal.



In Science we firstly brainstormed everything we already knew about Space and then we came up with questions that we would like to try and find the answers to in our new topic... Earth and Beyond!

Next, we used the laptops and IPADs to research the planets in our solar system. We were interested in their shape, order from the sun and relative size to each other.

Earth and Beyond

In Art, we explored how we can use different sketching pencils to create a variety of tones and shading effects. 

We also begin to look at the different features of the Gargoyles from our English text - Night of the Gargoyles