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Week 3

Week 3! We've been doing some great practical activities this week and had lots of active learning. Today the children (and Mrs Medlock and Miss Woodcock!) took part in our Kids Race for Life and we had designed our own bibs to attach on the back of our tops. The children all did a brilliant job of thinking about what people/person they thought should go on the back and some even included lovely adjectives to describe their cancer heroes. We were touched by the amount of donations we received from parents and carers and can't thank you enough for this. It is going to make a great difference.


Here's what else we've been up to:


English: Draft writing and planning our newspaper reports on the discovery of The Lost Golden city in Luxor Egypt.


Maths: We delved into fractions more looking at quarters and thirds and how they relate to division and multiplication.


P.E: We practised our skills in tee ball and played some matches, Great work teams!


History: We made our cartouches our of clay and carved out our designs into them. We look forward to painting them soon!


R.E: We continued looking at Noah but this time in the view of Christian weddings and the symbols that they have.


Science: We did a live food demonstration of how our digestive systems work, acted it out and had lots of fun and laughs! Who knew the science that could be done with bananas, crackers, orange juice and a pair of tights!


Reminder that if children are isolating due to an interaction (or) with COVID, they'll be sent work. But if they are waiting for results or are off with other medical conditions they can use Bug Club, Mathletics and Spelling Shed.


Have a lovely weekend as always and enjoy your break.



Miss Woodcock