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Week 3

As we approach the half way stage of this half term 5/6B have continued their hard work! It has been a week where we have all got a bit confused with what day it is due to the bank holiday at the beginning of the week. The children have kept up their excellent attitude to their learning which has been excellent to see as this week the children have been doing some tests. This is an excellent opportunity just for us to see where the children currently are and what further support they will need as the academic year draws to a close. 


In shared reading this week we have been looking at the Explorer's Atlas for the Incurably Curious which has a fantastic double-page spread about Antarctica. The children looked at the page to help them answer questions about the Antarctic as well as using it to help further broaden their knowledge of the area in preparation for next weeks English. We finally discussed why Antarctica has such a draw for explorers despite its treacherous terrain. As briefly mentioned during the morning the children have been doing tests in writing, maths, GPS and reading. I have been delighted with the attitudes being shown and the children understand that the tests are to help them in the final stage of this year. In history we looked at the Mayan writing and numerical systems with the children writing their own sentences using Mayan hieroglyphics. There was some beautiful work on display showing impressive art skills. In RE the children continued their study of the gospel where this week we related bible ideas to the world today and looked at the example of Nelson Mandela. In PE we managed to didge the rain and hail to actually do some athletics where the children continued to work on their track and field skills. I still have high hopes for the Olympics in LA. Finally in art we took part in a national competition looking to design a stamp to celebrate the key workers that have played such a vital role during the global pandemic. 


Final news is a big announcement! After having Sporcle as a feature of my class since I started at St Paul's almost a decade ago it has finally been completed. 5/6B are the first class to complete all the continents, British counties and American states and finally the entire world. I am very proud of them! There is a picture showing the achievement below. 


This weeks song of the week comes from Aussie singer Vance Joy. A great summary song which is perhaps a little more folk than rock, I will continue to try and widen the genres for the Friday song. 




Mr H

Vance Joy - Riptide

5/6B Work

The World - Completed!