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Week 2

This Week's Work:

English -

  • To use speech bubble to show a conversation between two characters - looking at the second chapter in 'Journey to Jo'Burg' where the children silently walk together.
  • To accurately punctuate - adding adverbs and correctly punctuated speech to speech bubbles created the day before.
  • Write reasons for and against why the children should or shouldn't go to see Mma.
  • Plan a persuasive, informal letter to the children with your decision, listing the readings why.

Chapters of book available below.


Maths - 

  • Use estimating to calculate and check answers
  • To use the multiplication symbol and show multiplication in pictures and arrays.


Afternoon Subjects - 

  • P.E - Hockey: Pass and dribble with the ball accurately. Dance (Circus): Creating a slapstick style clown dance.
  • Topic - to continue with map and atlas work, focusing on African countries and cities.
  • DT (replacing art this week) -  Complete our soft toys and evaluate what was effective and what we would do differently next time.
  • Science - To recognise that vibrations from sounds travel through a medium to the ear.
  • R.E - To learn about the Gospel story of Jesus' baptism.
  • Music - Quaver music 


In English this week we continued reading Journey to Jo’burg (chapters 2 and 3). We looked at two sides of an argument, discussing within class whether the children should or shouldn’t stay at the orange farm. We then began to plan a persuasive letter and will write this within class next week. We also practised using speech marks, adverbs and contractions within our writing. 


In Science we enjoyed finding out about Alexander Graham Bell. We made our own paper cup phones and discovered that sound travels through solid mediums effectively.


In RE we read about Jesus’ baptism in the Bible and then watched an animation of this event. We enjoyed playing bingo while we watched the story and listened carefully for the listed key words.

English - Journey to Jo'burg - Chapters 1 and 2