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Week 2

This Week's Work:

English -

  • To use speech bubble to show a conversation between two characters - looking at the second chapter in 'Journey to Jo'Burg' where the children silently walk together.
  • To accurately punctuate - Adding adverbs and correctly punctuated speech to speech bubbles created the day before.
  • Write reasons for and against why the children should or shouldn't go to see Mma.
  • Plan a persuasive, informal letter to the children with your decision, listing the readings why.

Chapter and resources available bellow.


Maths - 

  • Using the column method to add and subtract 3 digit numbers without carrying, then with carrying. Problem solving using the column method.

Resources available bellow.


Afternoon Subjects - 

  • P.E - Hockey: Pass and dribble with the ball accurately. Dance (Circus): Creating a slapstick stlye clown dance.
  • Topic - To continue with map work, specifically African countries and cities. 
  • DT (replacing art this week) -  Evaluating what was effective about our soft toy and what we would do differently next time.
  • Science - To recognise that vibrations from sounds travel through a medium to the ear
  • R.E - To learn about the Gospel story of Jesus' baptism.

Maths column addition and subtraction with 3 digits

English persuasive writing template and speech bubble activity.

English - Journey to Jo'Burg Chapter 1 and 2.